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The outside hitter plays on the front left side of the court. As she rotates through the front row, she will move from middle front or right front to her spot on the left side once the serve crosses the net.

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Here is the diagram for volleyball rotation one: Rotation one has two front row attackers with the setter in the front right position. The outside hitters and opposite hitter are going to be there for passing purposes. The OH1 is going to hit to the left like usual with the MB1 moving away from the net to make his approach for the hit.

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A good left-side hitter knows when to pound the ball (and can do so really well), but they should also know when to use a roll shot or a tip to throw off the other team. Looking for holes in the defense or just to switch things up is always a good idea. A left-side hitter should also be a good passer, both for defense and serve receive.

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To counter this we actually want to bring the outside hitter who is in position 3 (Front Middle) back into the passing line. In the rules of rotation this outside player can not go behind the player who is opposite them in the back row (In this can it’s the 2nd outside), they can’t cross to the left of the middle and they can’t cross to the right of the setter.

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Besides the obvious difference of the outside hitter hitting from the left side of the court and the opposite hitter hitting from the right side of the court, there are some other differences to point out. Outsides are usually very strong and dependable hitters because the majority of the sets are coming to them.

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Outside hitters also find themselves attempting quite a few digs, as some rotations put them in position to pass defensively while in the back row or not setting a block. The outside hitter must be one of the best all-around players as they have a major role in passing, blocking and hitting.

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Outside hitter most often attacks the balls which setter sets to the antenna to the left side of the court. Therefore after the serve outside hitters place themselves to the left front position. Sometimes setters run offensive plays in which outside hitters run to hit balls “inside” around the middle blockers.