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For me, pocketing is a feel of long dwell time along with the sensation of the ball flattening against the strings and the stringbed having enough give to partly encapsulate the ball. This requires a string with some elasticity but firms up rapidly as it is stretched, along with a racquet with enough mass to not be significantly deflected by the impact.

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With good ball pocketing and a lively response this string will improve the performance of any racquet. Babolat Addixion 17/1.25 String. $11.95. A multifilament string offering a blend of power, control and comfort. With good ball pocketing and a lively response this string will improve the performance of any racquet.

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Element uses a Multi-Mono construction to deliver unparalleled power and spin while enhancing comfort and ball pocketing. Players will find this string to be livelier and more feel oriented than any traditional co-polyester. The increased feel allows the string to absorb impact really well and hold the ball before launching it off the string bed.

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This is often called ‘ball pocketing' amongst players and refers to how long the ball is in contact with the strings. With ball pocketing increasing on gut strings, many players find that this leads to a greater sense of control of the ball. The added feel of natural gut means players feel more connected to what is happening with the ball as they make contact; boosting the player's confidence when hitting full-blooded shots or when a deftness of touch is required. Natural gut tennis string ...

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Ball-pocketing – This is a premium characteristic,it comes from the effect of the string being, Lively, having good Feel, higher elasticity and a higher Dwell time. Ball lands on the sting-bed, it sinks nicely into it – Pocketing/cupping Feel , then the ball is launched back out almost exactly in the same linear direction it sunk in.

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Multifilament. Arm-friendly string with excellent ball-pocketing and lasting power from the innovative FRF (Fusion of Resin Filament) production process combined with a flexible material - FORTIMO™. For players of all swing speeds looking for additional comfort and power. Repulsion Power (R): 10. Durability (D): 6.

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Another beneficial side effect of the soft elastic feel of natural gut tennis strings is what’s commonly referred to as ball pocketing, which is the sensation of the ball sitting on the strings for a longer period and providing players with a greater sense of control when hitting.

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Tennis elbow due to stiff string-bed is almost an impossibility with this set-up! Absorbs shock impact from ball really well even when string goes dead! – Low power. At very low tensions, the power level i s very significantly higher. Even return shots that are simply blocked back can very easily clear the net.