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Stableford is a great golf game for players who want to cap the downside from those pesky blow-up holes!

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In Stableford, you play against everyone else in your foursome (or if you have multiple foursomes, everyone else who is playing that day). The game is based on a point system, where the points you earn are determined by your score on the hole.

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"Stableford" is a scoring system in golf that awards points for the number of strokes taken on each hole in relation to par, rather than simply counting your strokes (like in stroke play). Unlike in stroke play, where you want the lowest score, your goal in Stableford scoring is to have the highest score.

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Modified Stableford is a difficult game to press, but it is possible. A standard Stableford can be played if you are not looking to penalize super high scores or Quota can be played as a similar alternative.

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Golf Games Welshman Frank Stableford invented the “Stableford” golf tournament format in the late 1800s to discourage golfers from giving up on a round after just one or two bad holes. It became all the rage in the U.K. and Ireland right away as those countries have wind speeds higher than your average U.S. tornado.

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Golf Format Explained. A round in stableford will see golfers competing against each other while trying to accumulate the most points during the round. Points are awarded for each hole and the number of points is directly related to the score posted – more points given to better scores – according to the table below (golf scoring terms):

Modified Stableford Scoring System in Golf

A Stableford competition employs a points system that is set forth in the Rules of Golf under Rule 32. The Modified Stableford scoring system employs the same principle - golfers are awarded points based on their performance on each hole - but with a different set of points than what is described in the rule book.

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The Stableford is one of golf’s oldest games and gets its name from Dr. Frank Stableford, who created the game at Wallasey Golf Club in England back in 1932.

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As I mentioned in the beginning, the goal of the Stableford is to score the most points (which usually means you played the best golf, but not always). Every score to par is equivalent to a set number of points that is pre-determined with your group.