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Just trying to understand more about how odds change throughout the opening line to the closing line. So once bookies set their opening line based off their complex algorithms/models, is it mainly the market that moves the odds from there, or do the models react to new information, e.g. lets say an important player was declared out a day before the game.

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Soccer betting is notoriously tough because - as you said yourself - ‘mug bets’ are everywhere and it’s VERY easy to fall into the trap of putting a bet on because the odds seem too good to turn down. You need incredible discipline and resolve to succeed at soccer betting. Thing is, though, there are ways to turn mug bets into winners.

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3.For 95% of my fixed matches you will see the real movement of the betting line (on the specified outcomes I will reduce odds, close matches and delete markets), which means that this information is really betting money around the world (unlike the crap that is presented here as "match-fixing")

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Is there a subreddit for betting on football? Might not be the right place to ask but I was wondering if there is a subreddit where people discuss and give tips on footballgames and what not. Thanks in advance

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Jimmy's Soccer Picks Oct 7th (UEFA Nations League -- Belgium vs France Prediction & Match Preview) ... Since Start I took total of 23 bets betting $100/bet. Results ...

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r/soccer: The football subreddit. News, results and discussion about the beautiful game.

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The sports betting rules were drafted by the Commission following the passing of HB133 in April of this year. The legislation was the first of its kind to included cryptocurrencies as an acceptable deposit method for sports betting accounts. Now that the draft rules have passed through their initial 45-day public comment period and the notice ...

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Op · just now. free bet for you. 1.removal in the match Kazakhstan - Finland qualification (the referee works) 45k euro on betfair. 2. 2-0 loss to Gabashvili doubles (he works only one ) (spain challenger doubles) this bet only for slow bookmaker ,remove market bet365 and another big bookmaker. 1.

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Live soccer betting is placing wagers on soccer games AFTER they have started. That’s the fundamental difference between the two forms of betting. With one you place wagers in advance of a game. With the other you place wagers while a game is actually being played. This creates a ton of additional betting opportunities.