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May Heading in Soccer Result in Traumatic Brain Injury? A ...

The majority of them affect talocrural joint, knee or inguinal region, however; 4% to 22% of all soccer injuries are related to head injuries with the incidence of 1.7 injuries per 1000 playing hours (7-13). This number refers to all types of head injuries, including facial injuries, concussions, bruises and eyeball injuries.

Heading and head injuries in soccer - PubMed

Head injury can be a result of contact of the head with another head (or other body parts), ground, goal post, other unknown objects or even the ball. Such impacts can lead to contusions, fractures, eye injuries, concussions or even, in rare cases, death. Coaches, players, parents and physicians are rightly concerned about the risk of head ...

Soccer head injuries: the 7 facts you need to know

Head injuries represent 15% of all girls soccer injuries (vs. 10% for boys), and some studies show that concussions can be 2x more likely to happen to a girl than a boy (studies debate the underlying reason, which is sometimes attributed to differences in neck strength). 5. Player-to-head collisions are the #1 cause.

Concussions in soccer: a current understanding

As many as 22% of all soccer injuries are concussions. Head injury during soccer is usually the result of either "direct contact" or contact with the ball while "heading" the ball. Relationships between the number of headers sustained in a single season and the degree of cognitive impairment (attention and visual/verbal memory) have been demonstrated.

A Neurosurgeon’s Guide to Sports-related Head Injury

According to CPSC statistics, 40 percent of soccer concussions are attributed to head to player contact; 10.3 percent are head to ground, goal post, wall, etc.; 12.6 percent are head to soccer ball, including accidents; and 37 percent are not specified.

Head Injuries, Heading, and the Use of Headgear in Soccer ...

In women, of all concussions, 67.7% were due to player contact, 18.3% were associated with ball contact, and 13.4% were associated with playing surface contact. Head injuries were 5.8% of total game injuries in men and 8.6% of total injuries in women.

36 Shocking Youth Football Concussion Statistics - HRF

Up to 20% of youth players will sustain a brain injury over the course of a season. 17. Kids who have had one concussion are 6 times more likely to experience a secondary concussion.

Sports Injury Statistics

Sports and recreational activities contribute to approximately 21 percent of all traumatic brain injuries among American children. Almost 50 percent of head injuries sustained in sports or recreational activities occur during bicycling, skateboarding, or skating incidents. More than 775,000 children, ages 14 and younger, are treated in hospital ...