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Soccer Terms Glossary

PERIOD: Soccer games are (or should be) divided into two halves: a first half and a second half. The term "period" belongs in games like football and hockey that are played in quarters or thirds.

Common Soccer Terminology

Common Soccer Terminology -- E -- Encroachment - When a player enters an area beyond the legal limit set by the rules during a penalty kick, free kicks, corner kicks or throw-in. -- F -- Fake or feint - a move by a player meant to deceive an opposing player; used by a ball carrier to make a Formation Forwards

Soccer Glossary and Terms | Epic Sports

Soccer Glossary Advantage Clause: Also called "Advantage Rule"; after a foul is committed, the referee is allowed to continue a play to... Advantages: When a team possesses the ball and outnumbers the opponent near the opponent's goal. American Football: Non-Americans use this term to distinguish ...

317 Common Soccer Terms [Comprehensive List] | AthleticLift

A Comprehensive A-Z List of Soccer Terms Numbers. This could happen from a straight red card, two yellow cards that accumulate to a red card, or an injury with... A. Added time: Each half of soccer is given 45 minutes, but there is almost always “added time”, which is extra time at... B. Back four: ...

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Soccer Games Glossary: A Back: refers to either a fullback player or active play towards the team's own goal. Balance or Shape: term for strategic player placement to provide comprehensive coverage on the field of play. Back Header: player who moves the ball backwards using his head. Backpass: the ...

Soccer Terms | US Soccer Players

Soccer Terms 3-5-2: A formation that includes three defenders, five midfielders, and two forwards. 4-4-2: The most common formation in most parts of the world, it includes four defenders, four ...

Soccer Lingo And Terminology - Rookie Road

A "corner kick" brings the ball back into play if it goes out of bounds on the goal line after being last touched by the defense, while a "goal kick" is used if it is last touched by the offense. There are many more soccer terms for beginners, but these few should give you a good starting point.

Soccer Lingo Glossary - Terms, Slang & Jargon From SportsLingo

This is a list of common soccer lingo and jargon terms. #. 4-4-2 Formation 50-50 Ball 6-Yard Box 18-Yard Box. A. Academy Added Time Armband Assist. B. Back-Heel Kick Back-Pass Rule Bend Bicycle Kick Box-To-Box Box-To-Box Midfielder Brace. C. Cap Chest Trap Clear Corner Kick Curva. D. Direct Free Kick Diving Dribble Dribbling Drop Kick. E. Equaliser Extra Time. F. F.C. False Nine First Touch