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Line judges stand on the corner of the court and watch the ball. If the ball lands close to the end line or the side line that the line judge is supposed to be watching, the ref looks to the line...

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Beating the Ball to the Line. This technique means before the ball lands, your eyes, and possibly your head as well, are turned and looking at the sideline or endline. This allows you to better judge the ball. If you are following the ball, you may be too late to see where it lands, or your judgment of where it lands will be off.

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The line judge who controls the side line of the serving team must position himself/herself behind the service player, regardless of where the server is in the service zone The line judge who controls the side line of the serving team may also have to step out of the service zone if the server starts their

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2019 Southern Eagle - A Private State Championship Crew. Referee - Ronnie Melton | Umpire - Darryl Hopkins | Head Line Judge - Ryan Lewis | Line Judge - Nick Cochran. Field Judge - Kelly Carter | Side Judge - Russ Winter | Back Judge - Nic Matthews. ECO - Robby Sewell | ECO - Noah Deal | Chain - Michael Gary | Chain - Zach Weyher | Chain - Joseph Chadwick.

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Line Judges They are responsible for notifying the referee if the ball falls in or out of the court using a flag. They are also responsible for monitoring service to make sure that the player does not step on the line. They stand in the corner of the court, at least a foot away. He/she shall assist the referees of the game.

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It's worth pointing out that in sports, the word "Judge" on its own is reserved for people who give scores to a performance. These are different to a "field judge" or "Line judge" who are judging specific things that happen on the field, such as whether a ball went over a line. –

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The line judges are responsible for indicating whether a shuttlecock landed “in” or “out” if the shuttle lands near the lines he/she is assigned to control. Due to the fast speed of the game and the skill of the players, this is a very challenging job and, as a result, the line judges are the officials that usually get more pressure from the players.

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The line judge assists the umpire with illegal use of the hands and holding calls and assists the referee on false start calls. The line judge makes sure the quarterback does not cross the line of scrimmage before throwing the ball, watches for offensive lineman going downfield too early on punts, supervises the timing of the game and supervises substitutions by the team on the side of the field where positioned.