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Surrey County Cricket Club 里郡板球會. Scarborough Cricket Club 板球俱樂部. Craigengower Cricket Club 紀利華木球會. Marylebone Cricket Club Marylebone Cricket Club is a cricket club in London founded in 1787. It is the world's biggest cricket brand. East Suffolk Cricket Club 東薩福克木俱樂部. Philadelphia Cricket Club ...

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網站. www .hkcc .org. 香港木球會 (英語: The Hong Kong Cricket Club ),是 香港 一個私人 會所 ,成立於1851年,木球會舊址原為英軍美利操場的一部分,1851年改作公共康樂設施,並成立香港木球會,建有會所及球場。. 1975年木球會遷往 黃泥涌峽 後,舊址闢作 遮打 ...

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1863年,上海板球俱樂部(Shanghai Cricket Club)成立。兩個俱樂部之間的比賽由1866年開始,直到1948年解散為止。1980年代至1990年代在北京曾經成立過北京板球俱樂部(Peking Cricket Club),但僅是各駐華大使館之間的比賽組織。


cricket翻譯:運動, 板球(運動), 昆蟲, 蟋蟀。了解更多。

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郡際板球賽 "county" 中文翻譯 : n. 1.〔英國〕郡〔與專有名詞連用時用 shire.例 ... "cricket" 中文翻譯 : n. 斜溝小屋頂。 "surrey county cricket club" 中文翻譯 : 薩里郡板球會

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_ Welcome to KCC The KCC means many things to many different members. To some it is a place to enjoy one’s preferred sport and recreational facilities and socialise with fellow members. To others it is a place to entertain relatives and friends and to network. Many members have widely different expectations as to what Continue Reading

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Cricket Hong Kong is pleased to announce the joint merger and partnership with The Hong Kong Cricket Club Junior Gappers and Ramblers programme from the 2020/21 season onwards. This will be an integral part of our grassroots development programme, as we continue to build on our relationships with local clubs.


赵警官通知记者,为平正起见,在逐鹿之前裁判(Referee)会对参赛的蛐蛐(Cricket)称重,确保参赛(Entry)的蛐蛐(Cricket)是统一重量级其它。 基于1000个网页 - 相关网页

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The Oval, known for sponsorship reasons as the Kia Oval, is an international cricket ground in Kennington, in the London Borough of Lambeth, in south London. The Oval has been the home ground of Surrey County Cricket Club since it was opened in 1845. It was the first ground in England to host international Test cricket in September 1880.

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Picture the scene, the first day of the cricket season and you are the new club Treasurer, entrusted with looking after the club's monies. It's pure chaos. You are handling cash from players who are paying match fees (and chasing the guy who always slips away) while dealing with demands for payment for food and from umpires.