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My Personal Basketball Betting Model and Computer Picks

Quick stroy behind my basketball betting model.When I started betting, basketball became one of my favourite sports. Why? Because I was was placing bets in my local bookmaker and they simply didn’t move the lines back in late 90’s and at the start of 2000.

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NBA Sports Betting Model Python · [Private Datasource], ... Comments (10) Run. 3.4s. history Version 3 of 3. Beginner Regression Sports Basketball. Cell link copied ...

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Basketball sports betting model – probably the best simple betting model made. It is perfect for small and new bettors (bankroll $10,000). The core of the model is a simple algorithm that can be implemented for different basketball leagues and with some modifications even for other sports like handball, volleyball, rugby,...


Much like our NBA model, our WNBA model is based on an advanced metric called PIE, a stat that takes a stab at measuring overall efficiency on both the player and team level. Our WNBA model objectively measures a team's efficiency throughout each game, from start to finish, possession by possession - then develops projections based on that efficiency.

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In it's simplest form a sports betting model is a system that can identify unbiased reference points from where you can determine the probability for all outcomes in a particular game. The model will ultimately be able to highlight profitable betting opportunities, by judging a team's true ability more accurately than a bookmaker.

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complex models when it comes to predicting the NCAA men's basketball tournament. First, we describe a predic- tion model that merges the point spreads set by Las Vegas sportsbooks with possession based team efficiency met- rics by using logistic regressions. The set of probabilities generated from this model most accurately predicted the

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What you’re essentially trying to do with a betting model, in very basic terms, is create an independant point of reference from which you can ascertain the probability of all possible outcomes in a given match or contest. Ideally you want your betting model to be able to recognise value in a given betting market. In other words, you want it to give a truer expression of a team’s potential or ‘form’ than what the bookmakers odds do.

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Using Linear Regression to Model Point Spreads in College Basketball. It stands to reason that the easiest way to predict who will win a college basketball game is to predict who will score more points. Predicted point spreads from Vegas bookkeepers can be highly predictive of win probability, but sometimes point spreads are not available, like when you’re putting together your bracket for the tournament and trying to predict the outcomes of second, third, and fourth round games.