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Take Your Basketball Training Outside With These 6 Dribbling ...

To perform the move: Assume a low, athletic stance with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Starting with a basketball in your right hand, dribble it back and forth between hands in a 1-2-3 pattern, finishing... Immediately pound-dribble the basketball around and behind your left leg. ...

73 Basketball Drills for Players and Coaches (2021 Update)

When the drill begins, the defenders will run around trying to steal the basketball from the offensive team. The defenders goal is to get a deflection or a steal. The offensive players must stay in one space and pass the ball around to each other keeping the basketball away from the defenders.

Youth Basketball Drills Sample Practice Plans

Circle Basketball Around Waist. Players stand facing the coach while holding their basketball with both hands, waist high. On the coach’s command, the player circles the basketball around their waist. After a few times, have the players stop and then circle the ball in the opposite direction.

10 Basketball Drills for Guards (Shooting, Dribbling, and Layups)

Instructions: Start in the corner, on the 3-point line, with a basketball. You must make 3 shots from this position before moving on to the next one. The three shooting spots: a) left one-dribble pull-up b) right one-dribble pull-up c) catch and shoot jump shot There are 5 spots on the court ...

30 Basketball Drills that will motivate and challenge your ...

The drill starts with #1 (defensive player) passes the ball to #2 (the player that #1 is guarding) and then executes a perfect close out. As 3 receives a pass from 2, defensive player 1 jumps to denial position on the player he is guarding (#2) As the ball is swung to #4, #1 jumps to the help spot.

20 Basketball Shooting Drills for Lights-Out Shooting

This is a great warm-up and shooting drill especially for youth basketball. It gives players a chance to shoot many repetitions from all different spots on the floor and it’s high intensity with everyone encouraging each other. Setup: • Two lines on the baseline at about the width of the key lane. • Two basketballs.

12 Basketball Workout Plans for at Home and Gym

12 Basketball Workout Plans for at Home and Gym Ballhandling & Dribbling Workouts for at Home or the Gym. Here are a few ballhandling and footwork workouts that you can... Shooting Workouts. Here are a few shooting workouts. You’ll obviously need a hoop to shoot at for these workouts. The... ...

100 Basketball Training Drills For Players - Individual & Partner

7 Rebounding Drills . Basketball Drill: McHale Lay-Ups. Improve Your Post Player's Touch Around The Basket With These 5 Drills. Mikan Drill. Taps Drill. Two on Two Box Out. 1 on 1 Post Moves Drill. 15 Agility / Defense Drills . Basketball Defense & Agility Drill: Diamond Drill. Man in the Hole. Defensive Footwork Progressions. Star Close-Out Drill

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